Meet Our Adoptable Dogs


Welcome Carson to our rescue. Carson is about 5 years old and has been a bit neglected. He was saved by a good samaritan from a bad situation and they reached out to us for help. He has lived his life outside. We took him to the vet and he has hookworms but NO HEARTWORMS! (That's a rescue hallelujah!) Carson is very friendly and still loves to play with toys. He passed our dog evaluation with our resident ambassador, Danni. But, as always, meet and greets are required and a slow intro is the best chance for success. If interested in Carson, please visit our website and submit an application.

Jacksonville, Florida

Fenced yard required

Carson adopt 6-22-22.jpg


Update 6-22-22:

Flash says "I'm not a cat person." But if you're looking for a stunningly handsome young shepherd and you don't like cats either, he may be your guy! Flash is still looking for his forever home! He has been in training and is doing well! 

Flash is a handsome 1 1/2 year old boy and has a happy and sweet personality. He is heartworm negative and so is ready to find his foster or foster to adopt home.

  • Flash is high energy

  • Toy driven and food motivated

  • Potential sport dog

  • He is people friendly and will need someone to be ACTIVE WITH HIM!

  • Because of his energy children 12 and up only

  • No cats for flash

  • He is dog selective and will do best with a lower energy dog

  • Flash walks nicely on his leash and cant wait to go on adventures with his own person!

Fenced yard required

Jacksonville, Florida

flash4 adopt 6-22-22.jpg
Flash2 adopt 6-9-22.jpg
Flash adopt 6-9-22.jpg

Hope's Litter: Amos, Micah, Luke, Samson

Update 6-22-22:

All puppies will be in their new foster to adopt homes on June 29. Thank you everyone for your applications!

Please consider adopting an adult dog from this page. Adults are potty trained, no teething, sleep more, trained already, can go on long walks or trips, have all their shots, and are neutered or spayed.

In memory of our little Hope, may I introduce Hope's litter. These are her brothers, Amos, Micah, Luke and Samson. These adorable little boys are 4 weeks old and will be looking for their foster to adopt homes in about 4-6 more weeks. Mom is a beautiful white GSD and dad is a handsome black and tan GSD. Welcome to our rescue you little white fluffy snowballs!


Thank you to everyone who has put in an application for these fluff balls, however, we can only work a 50 mile radius of Jacksonville, Florida. There were so many inquiries and applications that we simply can't personally reply to all of them. We are a small rescue and our volunteers who conduct home checks and our vets are all located in Jacksonville. Please consider checking your local shelters and rescues. All have amazing puppies and dogs looking for homes. Yes, they get German Shepherds too!

Visit our website to read about our adoption process and counties we can work with.


Jacksonville, Florida

Hope2 litter adopt 6-4-22.jpg
Hope litter adopt 6-4-22.jpg
Hope3 litter adopt 6-4-22.jpg

Micah-Samson-Luke-Amos (we think)

Reggie (aka King)

Update 6-22-22:

Maybe found his new foster to adopt home???? But we are still accepting applications for him until we are positive!

Look at that handsome blonde face! What a gorgeous boy Reggie is! He is a friendly boy in need of an active, savvy, GSD experienced person or family. You can find more Reggie pictures by clicking on his pics in his Facebook album on our First Coast German Shepherd Rescue page.

Reggie is neutered and in training to make him family ready. Notice our name change for this awesome dog from King to Reggie. Reggie is doing so well in his foster/trainer home. Let's find him his forever home now!

Reggie (King) is Lucky's 2 1/2 year old son. He is handsome just like Lucky. King has a very nice temperament and is people and dog friendly. King has lived his life in an outdoor kennel and is heartworm positive, but he is still a fantastic boy. Rescue pays for medical treatments and he will be in tip-top shape in no time!

Jacksonville, Florida
Fenced yard required

King4 Reggie adopt 5-25-22.jpg
King adopt 4-30-22.jpg
King5 adopt 6-10-22.jpg


Update 6-22-22:

Lucky has officially found his forever home! We are just waiting to get rid of those nasty heartworms. We also hope that his son Reggie finds his forever home soon!


Lucky is a sweet 6 year old boy and was abandoned with 2 other shepherds. He was chained on the property most of his life, but not anymore big boy (95 lbs)! What a handsome, good boy he is! Imagine your first time welcomed IN a home. Our wonderful trainer/foster said Lucky acted like he wasn't allowed to go inside and when it was clear to him, he went in and “melted.” It probably felt so good! I asked how his first night went and was told “he slept like a log.”

He is said to be an alpha but did well for us upon meeting the other dogs. Lucky is heartworm positive, but rescue will provide treatment and have him in tip-top shape in no time! What a love this boy is, and LUCKY will be the family that gets him! This stately boy is looking for a foster to adopt or foster home in the Jacksonville area.


Jacksonville, Florida
Fenced yard required

Lucky3 adopt 4-30-22.jpg
Lucky adopt2 4-30-22.jpg
Lucky adopt 4-25-22.jpg
lucky5 adopt 5-21-22.jpg

Suni (aka Sunshine)

Update: 6-22-22

Suni is still doing well in her new foster to adopt home! She loves the little puppy in her foster home. 


Meet Sunshine! She is a GORGEOUS girl who is looking for a foster to adopt or foster home! She is 5 years old and found herself abandoned. Sadly, she is heartworm positive, but our rescue covers treatment and we will have her in tip-top shape straight away! Sunshine seems to be good with other dogs, but presents herself as a possible dominant female. Meet and greets are always required! She is a showstopper!

Jacksonville, Florida

Fenced yard required

Sunshine2 Suni adopt 5-21-22.jpg
Sunshine adopt 4-25-22.jpg
Suni3 adopt 5-25-22.jpg


Update 6-22-22:

We are still accepting foster applications for beautiful Luna. She needs a committed foster or forever family!


She is 3 years old, super smart, and great with other dogs! Shelter life is no place for her. You should see her go! Imagine all the fun things you could do with this amazing girl! Someone who is retired or works from home would be ideal. Experience in caretaking is a plus! Rescue provides vetting and will even provide food for her while being fostered! In return for your care, you will have immeasurable love and a bond forever with Luna! 

We can't believe no one is stepping up yet for this sweet girl. I know it is a big ask, but she is so worth it. Remember, special needs dogs do not know they are special. They think they are totally normal and wonder why everyone doesn't have wheels?!!

It only takes a couple minutes to put her harness on, Luna knows exactly what to do and is excited and ready to go!


Fenced yard required (she can run!)

Jacksonville, Florida


Watch the 2 videos below and see how easy it is to put on Luna's wheels and see her beautiful selfies!! Take this beauty home!

Luna4 adopt 4-9-22.jpg
Luna2 adopt 4-9-22.jpg

Did You Know?

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