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Meet our Adoptable Dogs

Adoption Requirements

  1. No renters

  2. Fenced yard required

  3. Must live within 50 miles of Jacksonville

  4. No unaltered animals in home


We need a COMMITTED foster to be able to pull this sweet girl. Adoptions are slow, there is no other way to help! Being committed means you are willing to work through any issues that may arise! Possibilities include but we are not certain: not house broken, is a counter surfer, barker, shy, shut down etc.?? Destiny is a beautiful, 6 yr old bi- color female who is described by the shelter as gentle and sweet. She needs a home. She is vetted and heartworm negative. We are told she is good with other dogs. If you can open your home and your heart to help Destiny, please send in an application.

Jacksonville, Florida

Fenced yard required

Destiny foster 6-10-24.jpg


Marshall is a typical 8 month old GSD pup; active, mouthy, and a bit jumpy, He is crate trained, house trained, and loves the water! Marshall plays frisbee and also loves other dogs. Marshall would be best paired with a dog friend that is confident and that will keep him in his place. He can be "puppy pushy" and would do best with savvy kids over 8 years old. Marshall does ok on a leash, but of course needs practice. He's a good, fun boy!​ For info/adoption requirements, please visit our website below.

Jacksonville, Florida

Fenced yard required

Marshall adopt 5-27-24.jpg
Marshall3 adopt 5-27-24.jpg
Marshall2 adopt 5-27-24.jpg
Marshall4 adopt 5-27-24.jpg


Welcome Chase to our rescue! He’s a young boy at just 10 months old! Chase is a very sweet GSD and was raised with children over 8 years old. He is a little skittish of things but super sweet and friendly! He LOVES people and other dogs and also loves the water! He is crate trained, house trained, and would probably be best paired with a home on the quieter side. Chase was raised with kids, but we think he would do best with well-behaved children, probably 8 and up unless dog savvy. For info/adoption requirements, please visit our website below.

Jacksonville, Florida

Fenced yard required

Chase adopt 5-26-24.jpg
Chase2 adopt 5-26-24.jpg
Chase4 adopt 5-26-24.jpg
Chase3 adopt 5-26-24.jpg
Chase5 adopt 5-26-24.jpg
Chase6 adopt 5-26-24.jpg

Cuco (In foster-to-adopt home, not currently available)

Welcome this handsome boy to our rescue! Cuco is 5 months old and a good looking, solid boy! He is already crate trained and does well on the leash! He has a special move where he circles and goes between your legs! He might make an awesome dance partner! Cuco has lived with and played with a cat. He is good with other dogs and friendly to people! Keep on mind Cuco is only 5 months old so he will need training! Pups are a lot of work! Adopter must live in Jacksonville as he will require vetting and our vet is here. Pups cannot be left alone for more than 4 hours! Please make sure you meet adoption requirements before applying. Check our website for more info!

Jacksonville, Florida

Fenced yard required

Cuco adopt 5-4-24.jpg
Cuco3 adopt 5-4-24.jpg
Cuco2 adopt 5-4-24.jpg
Cuco4 adopt 5-4-24.jpg

Enzo (In foster-to-adopt home, not currently available)

Welcome Enzo to our rescue! Enzo is a 1 yr old handsome hunk. He had a pre-approved home waiting and will be going to his new owner next week. It's best to become pre-approved so when a dog comes in that's a match you're ready! It all starts with an application, then phone call from us and then a home check! Adoption requirements are listed on our website.

If you are interested in this handsome boy, please submit an application on our website.

Jacksonville, Florida

Fenced yard required

Enzo adopt 3-14-24.jpg
Enzo3 adopt 3-14-24.jpg
Enzo2 adopt 3-14-24.jpg
Enzo6 adopt 3-14-24.jpg
Enzo5 adopt 3-14-24.jpg
Enzo4 adopt 3-14-24.jpg
Dog meme no Rawhide 12-15-22.jpg
dog walk human meme.JPG
Heat stroke in dogs.jpg
Training poster 2-9-22.jpg

Dog adoption time line.JPG
Dog Adoption Rule of 3s.JPG
Dog NO sniff stranger hand 3-19-22.jpg
Dog 10 best reasons.jpg
Dog owns bed.jpg
Dog best friend.jpg
Dog mental stimulation.JPG
gsd own 7-11-22.jpg
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