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Meet our Adoptable Dogs

Adoption Requirements

  1. No renters

  2. Fenced yard required

  3. Must live within 50 miles of Jacksonville

  4. No unaltered animals in home


Meet Oliver, a stunning black beauty! 

It's “wet dog Wednesday” featuring Oliver practicing dock diving!

(Yeah, I made that up!)

  • 1 year old

  • No small children

  • No small dogs

  • No cats

  • Crate trained/house trained

  • Walks nicely on leash

  • He's a SOLID BOY!

  • Active person or family wanted!

  • Trail, hiking, cycling, frisbee, fetch, jogging buddy potential!

  • Likes water too!


6’ Fence Required

Jacksonville, Florida

Oliver6 adopt 2-2-23.jpg
Oliver3 adopt 2-2-23.jpg
Oliver12 adopt 3-12-23.jpg
Oliver9 adopt 3-11-23.jpg
Oliver13 adopt 3-16-23.jpg

Top: Oliver Before Bottom: Oliver After weight loss!

Oliver11 adopt 3-11-23.jpg

Apollo (Not currently available)

Apollo is now in his foster to adopt home officially because his neuter was today, March 16! He is already helping around the house taking on the jobs of crumb control (little hoomans) and dishwasher cleaning. As always, we pray it's a permanent match for this sweet boy!


This boy is the entire package! Apollo is a gorgeous 7 month old and has a very sweet demeanor.  He is shy at first but warms up nicely. He loves playing with other dogs, but can get rough, so big dogs are better! Kids 8 and up please, because of Apollo's size he can knock little ones down. He is crate trained and house trained with supervision (he's still a puppy). He's not showing us a very big toy drive yet and seems more like a great walking buddy or family dog. Apollo is ready for love!

6' Fence required

Jacksonville, Florida

Apollo2 adopt 2-28-23.jpg
Apollo4 adopt 3-11-23.jpg
Apollo adopt 2-23-23.jpg
Apollo3 adopt 2-28-23.jpg

Link (Not currently available)

Congratulations to Link for finding his new foster to adopt home! He is about a year old, maybe a tad younger, and gorgeous. Link is heartworm negative and was such a sweet boy at the vet! He even allowed a nail trim! He's looking for an active family or person to do things with him! Thank you to Mary, our rescue partner at the shelter for reaching out to us for help. He is with his foster family and going to training. Link is making good progress learning to live with a family inside and not chained outside. Just look at those beautiful eyes! Good with dogs, including small dogs!

6' Fence Required

Jacksonville, Florida

NewBoy adopt 1-23-23.jpg
NewBoy3 adopt 1-23-23.jpg
NewBoy2 adopt 1-23-23.jpg
link4 adopt 2-2-23.jpg

Ivar (Not currently available)

Ivar has joined Link in his foster to adopt home! He is a beautiful 7 month old playful male. He is good with dogs and kids, crate trained, housetrained and energetic! He needs an active family that will do things with him and also continue his training. Ivar is a very sweet, active boy who would make a great service or emotional support dog prospect. This is an amazing pup and he will make the right family very happy!

  • Good with other dogs, including small dogs!

  • Good with kids

  • Raised with a cat

6’ Fence Required

Jacksonville, Florida

Ivar adopt 1-29-23.jpg
Ivar2 adopt 2-10-23.jpg
Ivar and Link 2-8-23.jpg

Ivar and Link at their playdate having a great time!

Eros (Not currently available)

Meet big boy Eros! This handsome boy is already in his foster to adopt home and they are in love with him. He is just 2 years old. Eros is heartworm positive, it happens if they live outside with no preventative medicine. Other than that, this handsome boy got a great bill of health at the vet. Everyone ADORED him, he was such a good boy.

  • 2 years old

  • Very friendly

  • Small & large dog approved

  • Kid approved

  • Fenced yard required

Jacksonville, Florida

Eros2 adopt 12-31-22.jpg
Eros3 adopt 12-31-22.jpg
Eros4 adopt 12-31-22.jpg
Eros1 adopt 12-31-22.jpg
Dog meme no Rawhide 12-15-22.jpg
dog walk human meme.JPG
Heat stroke in dogs.jpg
Training poster 2-9-22.jpg

Dog adoption time line.JPG
Dog Adoption Rule of 3s.JPG
Dog NO sniff stranger hand 3-19-22.jpg
Dog 10 best reasons.jpg
Dog owns bed.jpg
Dog best friend.jpg
Dog mental stimulation.JPG
gsd own 7-11-22.jpg
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