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Meet our Adoptable Dogs

Adoption Requirements

  1. No renters

  2. Fenced yard required

  3. Must live within 50 miles of Jacksonville

  4. No unaltered animals in home


Welcome little miss Miley to our rescue! Miley was turned into Putnam County shelter and is about 6 months old. She is, so far, sweet and a bit submissive. She is on her way to a foster home where we will learn more about her. She’s an absolute doll! We are accepting applications for her via our website. Please keep in mind, she is still a puppy and can't be left alone for long periods of time. 

Miley had a huge day yesterday. From her freedom ride out of the shelter (she was very good and quiet in the crate) to Earth pets for some good food and then onto her foster home. Miley met our amazing rescue alumni penny, who is so good with the puppies! Miley is a blank slate transitioning from kennel life to an indoor home. Our wonderful fosters will work on house training and she will pick it up in no time!

You can review adoption qualifications on our website. If interested in Miley, please submit an application on our website. 

Miley will be available for adoption as she is fully vetted!

Jacksonville, Florida

Fenced yard required

Miley adopt 2-20-24.jpg
Miley3 adopt 2-20-24.jpg
Miley2 adopt 2-20-24.jpg
Miley4 adopt 2-20-24.jpg
Miley5 adopt 2-20-24.jpg


Welcome this lovely lady to our rescue! Rhea just turned 4 on February 18th!

This sweet girl has some energy to burn! Rhea loves a good game of fetch and has major frisbee/ sport potential! If you are looking for a fun companion, she may be your girl! Rhea is crate and house trained, does ok on leash, but needs some practice. Right now, we are saying only kids 8 and up are ok due to her size and playfulness. We have not yet seen her with another dog, but no reaction on walks. We will update as we learn more about her.

No cats.

If interested in Rhea, please submit an application on our website.

Jacksonville, Florida

Fenced yard required

Rhea adopt 2-16-24.jpg
Rhea4 adopt 2-16-24.jpg
Rhea2 adopt 2-16-24.jpg
Rhea3 adopt 2-16-24.jpg

Ziggy (In foster-to-adopt home, not currently available)

Welcome Ziggy Stardust to our rescue!

Ziggy is a 5 1/2 month old male with the most incredible eyes! He may have a small percentage of Husky in him to obtain those magical peepers, but we don't know for sure! We do know that this boy is a very good pup. Kids, dogs and cats approved! He has a very nice temperament and is going to be a great addition to any family. Ziggy has gone to one of our foster homes. Fosters always have first choice to adopt so, we will see if they fall in love with this little looker! 

6' fence required

Jacksonville, Florida

Ziggy adopt 1-23-23.jpg
Ziggy3 adopt 1-23-24.jpg
Ziggy4 adopt 1-23-24.jpg
Ziggy2 adopt 1-23-23.jpg

Polo (In foster-to-adopt home, not currently available)

Welcome this most handsome boy to our rescue! Polo is 6 months old and very friendly! Good with other dogs his size, but also, has been with a 30 pound dog in his previous home. He is a typical, very smart, active German shepherd pup!

We will be learning more about him in the coming days. Polo is looking for an active home with a big yard to play in!

Applications being accepted on our website. 

Fence required

Jacksonville, Florida

Polo adopt 1-30-24.jpg
Polo3 adopt 1-30-24.jpg
Polo2 adopt 1-30-24.jpg
Polo4 adopt 1-30-24.jpg

Boomer (In foster-to-adopt home, not currently available)

On 1-22-24 we found out that he is heartworm negative!!!

Thanks for all the names! We have chosen BOOMER! He is such a friendly boy! He was kissing me all over my face in the car! An absolute sweetheart!

What we know so far:

Boomer is 1 year old and presents himself as a gentle giant type. He doesn't seem super driven, but we have to keep in mind that he has been through a lot recently, so we will see how he settles in. He did not want to go into his crate, but once in it he laid down he was a quiet boy. He ate his first meal and flipped his bowl. He is a big, chill boy. We will post more info as he gets comfy in his foster home.

If you think you might be interested in adopting him, you can submit an application for consideration on our website. 

Fence required

Jacksonville, Florida

Boomer2 adopt 1-13-24.jpg
Boomer3 adopt 1-13-24.jpg
Boomer adopt 1-13-24.jpg
Boomer4 adopt 1-13-24.jpg

Gypsy (In foster-to-adopt home, not currently available)

Everybody meet Gypsy! Gypsy is looking for a foster to adopt home. She is 1 1/2 years old, about 55 pounds and very sweet and friendly.

  • House and crate trained

  • Raised with children 8 and up

  • Dog friendly (slow intro)

  • Cat potential - these kittens are being fostered in her current home and she shows little interest.

Her current owner thinks she has cat potential for a savvy, patient and experienced person willing to complete the work. Gypsy is athletic, but not super driven. She can climb a 6’ fence with the help of a leaning tree and is so proud of herself when she does this. For this reason, we think she may be a good candidate for agility! She will need someone to spend time with her and do fun things with her like walks, hiking, etc.

Applications accepted at: 

Fence required

Jacksonville, Florida

Gypsy adopt 12-25-23.jpg
Gypsy3 adopt 12-25-23.jpg
Gypsy2 adopt 12-25-23.jpg
Gypsy4 adopt 12-25-23.jpg

Raven (In foster-to-adopt home, not currently available)

Raven is a 4.5 month old sweeeeet little girl! She's a friendly pup, a tiny bit timid, but I expect that she will grow out of that soon! She is great with her foster sisters, a senior GSD and a Westie. Foster mom says she was wonderful on a leash walk this morning. Raven was good in the crate last night too! She is not potty trained yet, though in true GSD style, she is very smart and highly trainable, so keep that in mind!

To qualify for a pup from us you must:

  • Live within 50 miles of Jax. (Our vet is local and pups need multiple vet visits)

  • Pups cannot be left alone for more than 4 hours

  • Other qualifications listed above on our website


Fence required

Jacksonville, Florida

Raven adopt 9-17-23.jpg
Raven3 adopt 9-17-23.jpg
Raven2 adopt 9-17-23.jpg
Raven4 adopt 9-17-23.jpg
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Training poster 2-9-22.jpg

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Dog Adoption Rule of 3s.JPG
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