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Happy Tails

Suzy Q

Congratulations to our little Suzy Q on finding her forever family! This little girl was surrendered to our local Putnam County shelter. She is an absolute sweetheart, but has some storm anxiety. God bless the adopters who overlook the little issues that rescues can have! I can't wait to see her blossom with a little love and patience!

Thank you for opening your hearts and home for a rescue!

SuzyQ adopted 7-23-2024.jpg


We usually wait a bit after spays to make it official, but Stella's family was so excited and ready to officially adopt her!

Congratulations to Stella and her new family! We love our repeat adopters! Stella and Joy are already best of friends, non-stop playing! Perfect match!

Stella adopted 6-10-24.jpg


Super huge congratulations to our stunning girl Zelda, who has found her forever family! We are so grateful for our adopters who open their hearts and homes! Have a wonderful life sweet girl!

Zelda adopted 5-25-24.jpg


Congrats to our big boy Charlie who landed a great home with our alumni Pearl (now Dixie) and her k9 brother, Huckleberry! Charlie also shares two acres with cats, ducks, turkeys and chickens! What a life!

And the tongue is STILL out!

charlie adopted 5-14-24.jpg


Happy gotcha day to Shadow! Does her new family look familiar?! Well, that's our Boomer's family too! We are pretty sure they are going to be best buds! Congratulations!

Shadow2 adopted 5-6-24.jpg
Shadow adopted 5-6-24.jpg


Happy gotcha day to Anubis!

We can't wait to get this boy started in dock diving. He has amazing potential! Congratulations on your new family you gorgeous boy!!

Anubis adopted 4-14-24.jpg

Polo, now Bodhi

Congratulations to our boy Polo, now known as Bodhi, on his adoption today (April 8, 2024)! Happy Life sweet boy!!

polo adopted 4-8-24.jpg


Congratulations to our Ziggy on his adoption today! Happy forever! Shout out to Naomi, Nick and Penny for fostering this sweet, handsome boy!

Ziggy adopted 4-1-24.jpg

Acme, now Yodi

Congratulations to the boy with many names! Today was Acme/Yodi’s adoption day! What a great match ! Happy forever!

(Shout out to our amazing Melissa and John for fostering Yodi!)

Acme adopted 4-1-24.jpg


YAY BOOMER! His adoption day has finally arrived! Congratulations to Boomer and his forever family!

Boomer adopted 3-24-24.jpg

Raven, now Roxy

Happy gotcha day to our Raven, now known as Roxy! Here she is modeling her surgical onesie that her family was very happy with! So much better than the cone of shame! Congratulations on your lucky St. Patrick's Day adoption!

Raven adopted2 3-17-24.jpg
Raven adopted 3-16-24.jpg


Eco recently lost her person. We have no doubt he loved her very much. She is such a sweet girl with a great temperament. Today she found her new forever home and we couldn't be happier. Congratulations to Eco and her new family! Another lucky dog today!

eco adopted 4-17-24.jpg

Gypsy, now Scout

Congratulations to Gypsy, now Scout, on her adoption today March 16, 2024! We are so happy for this sweet girl who has found the perfect home! Happy life!

Gypsy adopted 3-16-24.jpg


Congratulations Miley on her adoption! Miley has found her forever family and even has a GSD big brother to pester! Thank you to Naomi, Nick and Penny once again for fostering this cutie and getting her ready for her forever home! Happy life sweet girl!

Miley adopted 3-9-24.jpg

Rhea, now Maisy

It’s no secret that most people are looking for young shepherds but, we do occasionally get lucky with someone willing to open their hearts and home to an adult. Rhea (now Maisy!), is a beautiful, 4-year-old girl who lucked out in finding the perfect home! You see, she is a little reactive to other dogs (we have seen worse!) and comes with that slight challenge. Kudos to her new owner who brought her to training today where we finalized her adoption! Congratulations Maisy!

Rhea adopted 3-1-24.jpg

Buster, now Max

Well, well, well… look who we thought might be a mix…..Buster, now Max, is 100% GSD! I will say that good food, regular brushing and love look really good on this friendly boy! Congratulations to Max and his forever family! Such a perfect match! On a wing and a prayer!

Buster3 adopted 2-16-24.jpg
Buster adopted 2-16-24.jpg

Daisy, now Athena

We needed some good news! Daisy, now known as Athena, came into our rescue in September pretty much emaciated so, she had to be fattened up before we could spay her. She has finished her heart worm treatment and was officially adopted today! We are so happy for her and her new mom! Congratulations!!

Daisy adopted 2-16-24.jpg

Jada, now Annie

Congratulations to Jada, now known as Annie, on finding her forever home today! We know, without a doubt, she is going to have the very best life from this day forward!

Jada adopted 2-8-24.jpg


Congratulations to Kilo on finding his forever family! Kilo was found roaming the streets of Jacksonville and now he has a family and a really cool canine sister, Ripley!

It's stories like this and people like these guys that make it all worthwhile! Sweet, sweet boy… you’re home now.

Happy forever, Kilo!

Kilo adopted 2-4-24.jpg


This has got to be one of the cutest adoption pics ever! Congratulations Tiffany, you sweet goofy girl! You have a wonderful family to love you!

Tiffany adopted 2-3-24.jpg


Can you believe how many GORGEOUS dogs are just being dumped right now?! For the life of me I will never understand. Mozart is another one of our Jacksonville area abandoned dogs. When the shelter called for help, we already had a family on standby. Needless to say, it was love at first sight! Today it was made official! Happy adoption day Mozart! He has a wonderful family who loves him and 3 furry siblings too! Have a great life you stunning boy!

Mozart adopted 12-30-23.jpg

Bodie, now Finn

Huge congratulations to our Bodie (left), now known as Finn, on his adoption today! What a gorgeous boy he has grown up to be! He has a pretty sister too named Leia, of course! Happy life Finn! We will see you this spring at the dock!

Bodie adopted 12-29-23.jpg


Congratulations to our extremely handsome boy Bruno on his adoption today! Another perfect match and a great birthday present for his new mom! 

Bruno adopted 12-12-23.jpg


Congratulations to our beautiful Bella! It's been a LONG time coming, but its finally official! Bella has been with us since June and was sadly heart worm positive. She has completed her treatment and was adopted this weekend by her foster to adopt family! Special thanks again to our wonderful foster/ trainer Melissa for helping Bella on her journey. Thank you also to all the wonderful families, this one included, that open their homes to the rescues, especially the rescues with heartworms. Congratulations to our Bella! Happy forever!

Bella adopted2 11-20-23.jpg


Well, THAT was fast! Congratulations to Bonnie (now Nova) on her adoption today! What a sweet girl she is and we are so happy for this wonderful family!

Happy forever!

Bonnie adopted 11-17-23.jpg


Congratulations to Gyro on his adoption! Thanks goes out to our wonderful foster/ trainer Melissa for getting him ready for his forever home! Have a happy life little guy!

Gyro adopted 11-17-23.jpg

Bruce Wayne

Congratulations to our little Bruce Wayne on his adoption Friday, Sept 22! This forever puppy-condo-shepherd has hit the jackpot with a mom, a dad (not pictured) and his wonderful sister Pepper, who is already teaching him the ways of dog! Bruce had never picked up a toy before and he was videoed playing rope tug at home with Pepper shortly after his adoption! Awe! Have a happy life Bruce!

Bruce7 adopted 9-23-23.jpg


Jesse has found her dream home with a family that challenges her extreme intelligence and focused toy drive. Jesse has GSD friends in her new home in case she chooses to just play. The jury's still out on what her job will be utilizing her working line lineage and training from Czechoslovakia. Congratulations, Jesse, and have a happy forever!

Jesse adopt 4-1-23.jpg

Kru (was Hutch)

Congratulations to Hutch (now known as Kru) on his adoption! Officially your forever family boy! He's going to be HUGE!

Hutch adopted 9-6-23.jpg


Well, it was a BIG adoption weekend for us with a record breaking 3 adoptions! 7-15-23


to our Jenny as she has found her forever family with bonus kids and a big brother, Cash, who just let's Jenny be Jenny! Happy forever sweet girl!

Jenny adopted 7-17-23.jpg

Beau (was Starsky)


to Beau (was Starsky) on his adoption today! What a perfect fit for this awesome family!!!

Starsky adopted 7-16-23.jpg

Hugo (was Axel Rose)

This poor baby has had a rough road to forever, but we are happy to say he has finally found it! On top of that he has hit the jackpot!


to our Axel Rose (now Hugo) and his new family! Happy life little traveler!

Axel Rose adopted 7-16-23.jpg


Congratulations to our stunning girl Ivy who has found her forever family! Ivy is a bit camera shy so it took some time to get a pic. She has already started her training classes and is such a smart girl! No more life on a chain for this gorgeous girl! Happy forever!

Ivy adopted 7-7-23.jpg

Levi (was Odin)

Congratulations to Odin (now known as Levi) on his adoption today! He landed in a huge yard with his own private playground and a swimming pool! Turns out this boy LOVES the water!

Congratulations Levi and happy forever!

Odin adopted 7-6-23.jpg

Jake (Eros's son)

Congratulations to our boy Jake for finding his forever family! They will always remember his gotcha day! Have a great life Jake!

Jake adopted 7-6-23.jpg

Tucker (was Eros)

When a dog has heartworms it takes awhile to complete their treatment. That makes it feel like FOREVER before they are officially adopted! Well, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Eros (now Tucker!) on his long time coming adoption! Tucker's family has stuck by him through thick and thin and never gave up on this boy! Have a great life Tuck!

Eros adopted 5-7-23.jpg

Link and Ivar

Talk about a therapy dog for another dog! Many applications came in for Ivar and only a few for Link. When we approved Ivar's home, we gave it a shot and asked them if they would like a 2 for 1… They had been following the story on our page and immediately agreed to give it a try! Well,


to the entire family on their official adoption! It's the special stories like this that pull your heart strings! Have a wonderful life boys! We are so happy for you all!

Link and Ivar2 adopted 7-7-23 4-28-23.jpg
Link and Ivar3 adopted 7-7-23 4-28-23.jpg
Link and Ivar adopted 7-7-23 4-28-23.jpg

Lero (Oct. pup Hunter)

Adoption News! Congratulations to our last October pup, Hunter, (now Lero) on his long time coming adoption! Have a happy life you sweet, handsome boy!

Oct pups Hunter adopted 4-17-23.jpg


Congratulations to our boy Apollo! Today it was made official! He's so lucky that his new family has given him the title of dishwasher, but unfortunately, the cone of shame makes his job a bit challenging! Happy life sweet boy!!

Apollo adopted 4-5-23.jpg


Huge congratulations to our big puppy Oliver who has found his forever family way out in the country! Take me with you boy! Along with his humans he acquired a beautiful GSD sister who will definitely help keep his puppy brain in line! Thank you to our wonderful friend and foster Melissa for helping these dogs get ready for home life! Happy forever you big handsome boy!

Oliver adopted 4-1-23.jpg


“Saturday morning behind the scenes feel good story” 3-18-23

Sometimes things happen quickly and quietly, but always with reason. Gorgeous Ian came to us through our wonderful trainer, Melissa. She was contacted by a training facility and asked to help place Ian. This STUNNING boy was found in his crate during rescue operations after hurricane Ian. Sadly, his owners did not survive. He made his way to Melissa and we had a wonderful pre-approved veteran waiting for a companion. Well, as you can see it was a match made in heaven. If you look closely you'll see the wife on Facetime as we couldn't leave her out of the celebration! We are so thankful for all the rescue hearts in this world.

Ian3 adopted 3-18-23.jpg
Ian2 adopted 3-18-23.jpg
Ian4 adopted 3-18-23.jpg
Ian adopt 3-18-23.jpg

Thena (Oct. pup Seiko)

Congratulations to our October pup Seiko (now Thena) on her official adoption!
Happy forever life!

Seiko Oct pup Thena adopted 3-16-23.jpg

Beau (Oct. pup Kernal)

Congratulations to our October pup Kernel (now Beau) on his adoption! He has a mom and dad that love him, a cool kitty and a GSD big sister to play with him!
Happy life!

Kernal Oct pup Beau adopted 3-16-23.jpg

Lucy (Oct. pup Autumn)

Congratulations to our #1 October pup Autumn (now Lucy) on her adoption day! It's amazing to compare the puppy coat with her coat now!

Happy life sweet pup!

Autumn Oct pup Lucy adopted 3-16-23.jpg

Flash (Oct. pup Cosmo)

Congratulations to our October pup Cosmo (now Flash) on his recent adoption! He won the lottery with a huge family that includes big humans, little humans, a sweet senior dog, a beautiful kitty, and his new best friend Luna, pictured here.

Have a great life Flash!

Cosmo Oct pup adopted 3-16-23.jpg


Duchess6 adopted 2-8-23.jpg

Our beautiful Duchess girl has found her forever person just in time for Valentine's Day. We couldn't be happier for her!  Congratulations, Duchess!


Tora6 adopted 2-10-23.jpg

Tora came to us by way of our wonderful friend and trainer Melissa. She reached out to ask us for help finding her a home when she was ready. We had a couple of possibilities, but they didn't work out. Sadly, Tora had a crisis last week. She lost some mobility, was dehydrated and lethargic. After a visit to the vet, it turns out that Tora has Addisons. This disease is not curable. Tora will live her life with Melissa, John and their pack. Some things are meant to be. Tora is home! 


Pearl6 adopted 1-22-23.jpg

Today was Pearl's special day! What a lucky girl she is! She will be enjoying the country life on acreage with new dog friends, Huckleberry and Brody, chickens, turkeys, ducks and a cat! So much room to run! May God bless Pearl and her new family! (Special thanks to Marie and Danny for getting her ready for her forever home!)


Suni10 adopted 1-6-23.jpg

Congratulations to our sweet girl Suni and her new family! She is the luckiest girl ever to have been fostered by her first mom, Katrina, who brought her through heartworm treatment and gave her all the love she needed to flourish. Now, Suni has found her next perfect forever home! After a few twists and turns, her family found her and we could not be happier for this sweet, beautiful girl. Happy life!

🎈✨Foster Mom of the Year✨🎈


Suni9 adopt of year 1-3-23.jpg

Suni & Katrina

Some stories have sad and happy endings. That's this story. Suni came to us with Lucky and King, now Reggie, back in April 2022. All 3 were heart worm positive. The boys found their homes, but Suni had some detours in her journey. Her first family didn't work out which was not Suni's fault, so back she went to our wonderful foster, Marie. After a while, with little interest on Suni, Katrina found her and fostered her throughout her lengthy heart worm treatment. All was going well, and it was time to set an adoption date. But then, we all got the sad news. Katrina was being unexpectedly called overseas for the remainder of her military enlistment. Sadly, she made a heartbreaking decision to ask us to find her another home for Suni. 😢 We want to thank Katrina from the bottom of our hearts for all she did for this beautiful girl and for serving our country when called. 🧡 Sometimes rescue is an emotional rollercoaster that moves quickly. Though we are sad for Katrina, we are so happy that Suni has finally found her forever family. Above is Katrina and Suni a few minutes before Suni started her new life.

Please join me in thanking Katrina for her service to our country and for all she did for Suni! 🙏


Baylee5 adopted 12-31-22.jpg

We did it! We squeezed in one last adoption for 2022. Congratulations to Baylee and her new family! Happy New Year and happy forever!


Lucky19 adopted 12-3-22.jpg

I HAVE NOT BEEN THIS HAPPY FOR A DOG IN A VERY LONG TIME!! Congratulations to our Lucky boy on landing a terrific forever family that is perfect for him! He actually has more play drive than we thought so the kids will come in handy! As a bonus he has a beautiful k9 sister, Maggie, who is our alumni! We LOVE our repeat adopters! Not going to lie, I prayed HARD for this boy! Special thanks to Marie for getting him ready for family life! Happy forever!


Flash9 adopted 11-2-22.jpg

HERES THE GOOD NEWS WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Flash has found his forever home! We are so excited for our boy! He has been with us for 4 months waiting patiently! Have a great life Flash Bang! Thank you Melissa for getting this boy ready to be part of a family!

October Pups

Oct pups Autumn 10-16-22_edited.jpg
Oct pups Seiko 10-16-22_edited.jpg
Oct pups Cosmo 10-16-22_edited.jpg
Oct pups Hunter 10-16-22_edited.jpg

October's 'spur of the moment' pups have all found forever homes! Congratulations to Hunter, Autumn, Seiko and Cosmo have a wonderful life!


Zeus6 adopted 6-7-22.jpg

Zeus has a story of never-ending love. He once again joined our prior rescue Clyde, now  Phoenix, in his forever family. The boys may not be best buddies, but they share a happy home!

Taco Tuesday Pups

Taco Chili 10-17-22_edited.jpg
Taco Pepper 10-17-22_edited.jpg
Taco Queso 10-17-22_edited.jpg
Taco Taco 10-17-22_edited.jpg

Congratulations to all of our sweet little Taco Pups finding their furever homes!  We wish each one happiness always with their new families!


Congratulations to our little pocket Malinois/Shepherd, Caio, on her new family! Our wonderful vet tech fell instantly in love with her. Have a happy life Caio, now Gretta!


Leia2 adopted 8-14-22.jpg
Caio adopted 9-1-22.jpg

Congratulations to our Princess Leia and her new family! Happy forever sweet girl!

Reggie (aka King)

King-Reggie adopted 12-18-22.PNG

We are so happy to announce that Reggie loves his new forever family! And look, he has a buddy to play with in his new home. Congratulations Reggie!

Hope's Littermates:
Amos, Micah, Luke, and Samson

Hope litter adopted 9-8-22.jpg
Hope3 litter adopt 6-4-22.jpg

Congratulations to all the pups in "Hope's litter"! Each one has found their happily ever after family!!


Quinn3 adopted 7-17-22.jpg

Quinn has a lovely story. She came to us with a coat issue causing some hair loss. Now, thanks to the love and care of her new forever family, she is a beauty and so happy! Congratulations Quinn on your forever home!

Quinn2 adopt 7-17-22.jpg
Quinn1 adopted 7-17-22.jpg


Carson4 adopt 7-11-22.jpg

Huge congratulations to our sweet boy Carson on his new forever family! No more being stuck in a yard all day wondering when you will be fed your next meal. All this only made possible by the human angels that cared enough to help him and reach out to our rescue. Thank God for people who care! Have a great life Carson!


Ryder wants everyone to know that he has found his forever family. He has completed his heartworm treatment and is so happy that he is staying in his new home! Congratulations to everyone in this wonderful family.

Ryder adopted family 2-15-22.jpg
hazel4 adopted 6-2-22.jpg


Congratulations to our little laser eyes Hazel on her new family! Not only does she have 3 human sisters and a human brother, she also has a GSD big bro and a mal big bro! Plenty going on to keep her a busy girl! So happy for perfect matches! Special thanks again to Marie for training laser eyes and getting her family ready!!

Hazel was so excited about being adopted that she couldn't contain herself. 

Jack Sparrow 

Jack adopted2 4-1-22.jpg

This adoption is extra special to us. Congratulations to our favorite pirate, Jack Sparrow! He is so special to me and to our amazing fosters/trainers that had the honor of working with him to rebuild his confidence after his failed placement. Special thanks to Marie and Samantha for getting him ready for a new forever home. Super thanks to Jack's new family for seeing what a great dog he is and providing him the home he is so worthy of! I think Jack and his k9 brother Clark will be best friends! Have a happy life Jack! 

Remmington (Remmi) 

Remmington adopted 3-29-22.jpg

Congratulations to our sweet boy Remmi! What a great weekend to find his forever family. Because I can't foster, sometimes I just don't realize how good these rescue dogs are! Remmi is definitely a treasure! Have a great life buddy!



Bella adopted 3-9-22.jpg

Huge congratulations to Bella and her new family! Truly a match made in heaven! We are so happy for all of them and hope to see them at the dock! This girl can swim!!

Bella5 adopt 3-8-22.jpg

Bucky (Buc-ee)

Bucky (Buc-ee) got to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with his beautiful forever person yesterday! I hope he doesn't have a hangover today! What a perfect fit. He is such a good boy and deserves the best family ever. 

Bucky adopted2 3-18-22.jpg


Charlie adopted 2-26-22.jpg

We needed some happy news! Congratulations to Charlie and his forever family on an adoption that was so long coming! Charlie came to our rescue in October 2021, but had to undergo heartworm treatment and is now good as new! Have a happy life Charlie!


Wyatt is now in his foster to adopt home and waiting on his neuter surgery! He was our pup with many names. We knew he wouldn't be available very long. We are so happy for this young boy who has found the perfect home and an amazing K9 sister too!

Wyatt adopted family 2-15-22.jpg


Our darling little Kyza has found herself a forever family! I am so happy for her! She is such a sweet girl,but as with many rescue dogs, she has some separation anxiety and that takes a special person to deal with sometimes. I am so grateful for the hearts of people who take on the challenge of the dogs with separation anxiety. They are so worth it! Happy life of cuddling Kyza!


We were hoping to have all of our rescues in permanent homes before Christmas… WE DID IT! Congratulations to our BEAUTIFUL Sky and her new family! We cannot wait to see the amazing dog that she will grow up to be!

Kyza adopted 12-24-21.jpg
Sky adopted 12-24-21.jpg


A huge congratulations to Clyde (now Phoenix!) and his beautiful mom! This was one of the most amazing transformations I have seen! Phoenix lived his entire 8 years in a small back yard with very little attention. In spite of a life void of human touch, he is the sweetest, happiest boy ever! What an absolute joy he is and what a great match they are! Sometimes good things come in senior packaging! Happy life you two!

clyde adopted3 12-20-21.jpg
Clark5 adopted 12-2-21.jpg


Congratulations to Clark and the Griswolds! (Not really, lol) What a perfect match for this sweet boy! He has a forever home just in time for Christmas. Have a wonderful life Clark!

GSDmom back adopt 11-9-21.jpg
GSDpup adopt 11-9-21.jpg

Mom & Pup

Update: Our "Rat Pack" mom and one of her 7 puppies are not available because they had been given away before we could bring them back to the rescue. To the new parents, please take good care of these two beautiful souls. Thank you.

Penelope (Penny)

Sky2_adopt 11-2-21.jpg

We are so happy to announce that sweet Penny is staying in her foster to adopt home! One of our wonderful fosters fell in love with her. Things happen quickly sometimes, especially with the pups! Fostering saves lives and our fosters ALWAYS have first choice. Congratulations to Penny and her new special family who will get to raise her into a big girl!


Swiper adopt 10-14-21.jpg
Swiper 3 adopted 10-15-21.jpg

Swiper's foster to adopt home could not resist adopting sweet little Swiper! She came into the rescue unnamed and found in a retention pond with a non weight bearing injury in her back leg. The only reason we can help her is that we had a foster step up at the right time. Great news, the vet says that her leg does not require surgery!


Congratulations to our Toby and his new forever family! Toby joins two big sisters and his new best friend, playmate and almost twin, Bryx. Bryx is excited to welcome Toby into his pack and the family. Wishing you all many happy years!!



We are very excited to announce that Sully is staying with his foster to adopt home and it is now his forever home! Congratulations to this beautiful new family and wishing all a happy forever!

Sully2 adopt 9-21-21.jpg
Sully3 adopt 9-26-21.jpg

Sadie & Diesel

Congratulations to Sadie & Diesel! They were adopted TOGETHER into their new forever home. It couldn't be a better fit! Happy life to the new family!


Max is adopted! He is a handsome 6 year old who is crate trained, house trained, energetic and needs a job. He has found his active forever family. Congratulations to all!

Max adopt 10-3-21.jpg
Ana adopted 6-30-21.jpg


Ana is adopted! Congratulations to Ana and her new forever family! We hope you all have a life full of love. 


Sweet Rosie is finally adopted! She has been with us since March. Rosie attended doggy school at River City K9, We are so grateful for her potential adopters' willingness to help and wait. She just had completed her heartworm treatment and was ready to make it official.

Happy adoption day to Rosie and her new family!

Rosie adopt 06-18-21.jpg
Spirit adopted 6-7-21.jpg


More awesome adoption news! Remember Spirit who had been roaming around in St. Johns county?

She has started her new journey with her forever family. Somehow dogs have a way of knowing and Spirit knew! Spirit needed a little support and vetting from our rescue and now has found her forever home with the wonderful family who found her. Have a happy life, Spirit, now known as Bella! 


Exciting news! Drago, Stella's sire who was rescued with her, is finally officially adopted! He is such a good boy too. In January he was at the shelter for over 100 days, but today, he has his own family who love him so much. Congrats to all of you and have a wonderful life Drago. You deserve it!

Drago adopt 6-6-21.jpg


Buddy has found his forever family! We had a busy weekend May 15th! Buddy instantly became friends with the youngest family member and slept in his room and snored all night. It was an instant match for this family! Have a great life Bud!

IMG_4409 (1).JPG

Congrats to our little guy Bravo, now Rayden, and his new family! Rayden and his brother Titan were instant best friends too! Happy life to this super cool family!


Stella adopted 2020 5-29-23.PNG


Stella was so shut down we had to carry her to the car from the shelter. She wouldn't walk, out of fear. Stella and her father, Drago, were overdue to be euthanized by the time we knew about them. As a rescue, its scary to pull dogs with unknown history. You never know if there will be health or training issues that present themselves. These two stand as the most expensive dogs we have taken in. Sometimes they just need a chance with the right people.


Molly stole the hearts of her foster parents so quickly, there was no time to post her information for adoption. Congratulations Molly and Eddins family.

Belle & Noel

belle noel vandiver.jpg

The Vandiver family have such big hearts. While picking up Belle as a foster to adopt they fell in love with Noel, and their house is now fur-ever happier by 8 paws!

molly adopted.jpg

Joy & Cole

joy cole bruce adopted.jpg

Congratulations to the Bruce family who adopted not one but, two of the "Fab 5" puppies. Joy and Cole will spend their forever with each other.


holly adopted.jpg

The Gallatin family opened their home and hearts to Holly, from the "Fab 5" litter. Not only did she get a fur-ever home, but she also gained a human brother and a fur sister!

athena adopted.jpg


Our first rescue, Athena, mother of the "Fab 5" puppies, has finally found her forever! On March 16th Athena was adopted by Linda, the cousin of our rescue's founder. She will live her happily furever north of the Mason-Dixon Line, where her first day in her new home she experienced snow. Congratulations to you both! May you bond quickly, strongly and forever!

Our hearts are broken that our beautiful Athena passed away January 2022


Shadow adopt 6-13-21.jpg

Beautiful 1 year old Shadow is with her 'foster to adopt' family and now considered adopted. Congratulations to Shadow and her new family! Our foster families always have first choice on the dogs in their care. Shadow was fast to find her adoptive home! 


Congratulations to our gorgeous Lincoln and his new best friend! What a dynamic duo don't you think? Lincoln will be enjoying the ocean life in his new forever home. I'm so happy that he will get to go to lots of places and experience all sorts of cool things. Happy forever Lincoln!

Lincoln adopted 7-16-21.jpg
Gretta2 courtesy adopt 7=4=21.jpg


Congratulations to Gretta on finding her forever home! She will be 2 years old in September, is spayed, vetted, and on heartworm and flea prevention. She is crate trained, house trained, and people friendly. She is selective with her animal friends so she will need to be an only pet. Recommend no small children. We wish Gretta much happiness in her new home!


Huge congratulations to our sweet Maggie on finding her new family! Maggie is our girl that was hit by a car. She was adopted and returned 6 months later, by no fault of her own. She is a very shy and aloof girl and doesn't usually show well when first meeting people. I am forever thankful to all of our adopters, but especially the ones who adopt even when the dogs weren't perfect. I am so happy for Maggie and her new family. Wishing them a lifetime full of love and loyalty!

Maggie adopters 8-15-21.jpg


Liliana4 adopt 8-23-21.jpg

Congratulations to our beautiful Liliana and her new family! I do believe she may end up being a water shepherd, how exciting! Have a happy life sweet girl!

Jasmine3 adopted 9-19-21.jpg


Congratulations to Jasmine!  She has found her forever family! I LOVE this picture where her two new brothers are only interested in the stuffed adoption cake. Good luck to you pretty girl! Have fun with your human sisters and k9 brothers!

Our 7 "Rat Pack" Puppies 

Puppy1 adopt 9-8-21.jpg
Puppy2 adopt 9-8-21.jpg
Puppy 4 adopt 9-8-21.jpg
mixed puppies adopt 8-10-21.jpg
Puppy6 adopt 9-8-21.jpg
Puppy7 adopt 9-8-21.jpg
Puppy5 adopt  9-8-21.jpg
Puppy3 adopt 9-8-21.jpg

Congratulations to all 7 of our puppies, 3 boys and 4 girls, and their families! Each one has a special forever foster to adopt home! They were so much fun, we will miss them. Happy forever to Frank, Dean, Sammy, Ava, Betty, Grace, and Gretta!

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