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Please Note:​

  • We currently only have open fosters for puppies 6 months old and younger.

  • If you need to surrender a dog, please understand, fosters are not always available. We may be better able to help if you are willing to foster your own dog. 

  • We rescue only German Shepherd dogs, no mixes.

Surrender Request

If this is your dog, we know that surrendering your animal is a very difficult decision, but sometimes it is the only one to make. If you have found, rescued or are surrendering a dog for a friend, you are helping save a life.


If you have found a dog, you MUST follow your county protocol which may include scanning for a microchip, notifying animal control, posting on social media, or holding for 10 days prior to surrendering. We do not take dogs off the street without these protocols being followed. Since we don't have a facility, our dogs are placed in local foster homes of qualified volunteers.

Please review the below requirements to see if the dog qualifies. 

Contact Information

Complete the Contact Information form below about you and the dog. Our team will review your information to determine if we have an open foster available and whether or not your animal is a fit for our rescue. Note: If the field is Required, it will show an *. If left blank, the box will outline in red and the form will not be submitted.

Dog Requirements

1. No bite history or deemed dangerous

2. Gets along with other dogs

3. No severe behavioral problems

4. No serious health issues

5. German Shepherd only

6. We do not accept dogs located outside of a 50 mile radius of Jacksonville. Our rescue is small.

Helpful Information

Any information you can provide about the dog's personality or mental health would be very helpful. Also, if you know why the dog is being surrendered, please let us know. Enter any of this information in the Addl Info box in the form below.


Completing this information is not a promise that we can take your dog. Our team will review your information about the dog and make the best decision for the dog's fit within our program. If we do not have a foster available, you must agree to keep the dog until we have one available.

In Person

If we approve of your initial surrender request, we will contact you to set up a time and place to meet you and the dog. Bring a picture of the dog with you if possible if not uploaded in the form. We will do a temperament test. Proof of Rabies Vaccination is requested at that time if you have the tag or paperwork. 

Foster Home

Upon securing the right foster home for your dog, you will sign an Owner/Person Surrender Agreement. We do not return the dog once you have surrendered it. We appreciate a donation at this time to help cover the costs of medical care and daily expenses. We suggest $100 if the dog needs vetting. Donation is not required, but is greatly appreciated!

Contact Information

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Thanks for submitting!

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